Payoff Machine


Motorized Dynamic Payoff
Model PO-630/PO-800

Motorized Payoff for feeding single- or multi-wire spools for applications requiring fast line speeds, such as Bunchers, Extruders, and Winding Machines

Payoff Machine


  • Easy load and unload
  • Power operated hydraulic pump
  • Hand operated hydraulic pump
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Frequency and voltage supply Vac


Motor power kW 5
Max. number of spindle rotations rpm 500
Max. pay-off speed

(Max. spindle rpm 273 achieves the speed of 300m/min with reel with barrel diameter ≥ 350mm)
m/min 500 (1500FPM)

Other speeds available upon request
Acceleration/deceleration on downstream machine m/s² ≤0.35
Compressed air consumption:

Nl/min bar Negligible

       min./max. diameter
       no. of driving bores


Sizes available upon request.
Maximum overall width, minimum barrel diameter and maximum reel gross weight (reel & wire)   Sizes available upon request. Please contact us.

TYPE Motorized pay-off for reels in horizontal position.
STRUCTURE Steel section structure, securable to the floor by means of anchor bolts.
MOTORIZATION Motion is transmitted to the spindle by an A.C. gear motor.

Variable speed by means of inverter.
BRAKING Dynamic braking on resistors for heat dissipation.
DANCER Assembled to the pay-off, swinging arm type, controlled by a pneumatic cylinder and complete with analog transducer for motor synchronization.

Pressure regulator and manometer to adjust the wire/strand tension.

Automatic stop in case of wire/strand breaking.

Dancers range of 0.34-6mm² included.
LUBRICATION The bearings of the spindle and tailstock are grease lubricated.

All other bearings are lubricated for life.
COMPRESSED AIR Compressed air system with single connection through quick-release coupling.

Supply of filtered and lubricated air at customer's care.
CONTROL BOARD Control board fitted on the machine complete with main disconnecting switch and emergency push button on the flange.